Cellular Blinds

Cellular Blinds, also known as honeycomb blinds offer a modern look with maximum privacy, light control and excellent insulation properties.

Cellular Blinds are available with a 25mm or 38mm cell size which makes them a great option for windows with a limited reveal depth. This small blind depth along with a very small stack height also makes them a great option to pair with other window treatments i.e. behind shutters or sheer curtains to offer a high level of blockout.

Cellular Blinds are available in translucent, foil lined or double cell blockout options. There are many different methods of operation (corded, clutch, cordless or motorised) and options to include translucent and blockout fabrics in a single blind (day/night) allowing complete control and functionality.

Excellent Insulation & Sound Absorption

Cellular Blinds are made with discreet air pockets that trap warm air inside the cells, slowing down the transfer of hot air from outside-to-in and inside-to-out. This additional insulation helps increase energy efficiency and will enhance the effectiveness of heating and cooling systems and help reduce power bills. Their insulative properties will also offer excellent sound absorption to help keep exterior noise out and dulling interior sound.

Day/Night Cellular Blinds: Cellular Blinds supplied in the Day/Night option allows translucent and blockout fabrics supplied in the same blind. The translucent and blockout fabric can be manufactured at the top or bottom of the blind.

Top Down Bottom Up: Cellular Blinds can be supplied as Top Down Bottom Up, this allows the blind to be raised from the bottom and lowered from the top. This provides superior privacy and light control. Top Down Bottom Up is available in corded, clutch and cordless controls systems.


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